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Toke & Tour Ltd. started in February 2020 and has been the “Toke of the Town”.


It is Jamaican and American Owned and Operated and led by a team with deep roots and big hearts.


With stops for some of the best eats at little local restaurants, cold beers and irie vibes at off the beaten path bars, visits to local kush farmers and blessing up local families when you ride with Toke & Tour you can feel good knowing you will help “spread the love”.

Our hope is to not only enrich your vacation experience with some culture, but help make a difference in the locals' lives as well. 

We are fully licensed, insured and incorporated - you can rest assured we put your safety and fun as our priority. 

Our drivers are certified through TPDCO and are always easily recognized in their Toke & Tour Merch and Vehicles.  

one love always, 

the toke & tour team


Bobby Six 

aka The General


aka Bossy


aka Captain Cash

Up top!


I am Bobby Six aka " The General" at Toke & Tour.


Born and raised in Revival District. I know the ins and the outs on this "side of the island"  

I bring the Irie Vibes to 

Toke & Tour



I'm Danielle aka "Bossy" at Toke & Tour.  Born and raised in Chicago.


Jamaica has been a second home, since I was a little beach bum coming down with my parents.  

"My hope for you is to step out and see Jamaica like I have been fortunate to. To be open to the beauty and culture that surrounds you" 

I bring the Stylin' Vibes to 

Toke & Tour 

photo jan 22, 12 58 37 pm.png


Whaa Gwaan!


I'm Odane aka "Captain Cash" The guiding force at Toke & Tour. 

Born and raised in  Fairmont.  I keep us on track and get us where we are going at Toke & Tour. 

I bring the Chill Vibes to

Toke & Tour 

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