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island hot spots 

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Don't get stuck at the "Shitty Bus Stop."


Start your vacation on the High Road with private service. 


Your private driver will meet you at arrivals, they will be easily recognizable in their Toke & Tour Merch. 


A new van, a/c, ice cold red stripes, and a 420 gift will await you and your group. Special requests available


Choose your route "home" - the Toke & Tour route with a featured stop at a dispensary, local grub at Scotchies or Bigs, fruit stand, market or head straight "home".

Soak, explore or jump the day away with us at the Blue Hole, Brighton.  

A true "crowd pleaser"

Feeling relaxed? Soak the day away in the mineral spring filled pool and have a mud scrub. 


Feeling adventurous? Take the 25 ft. plunge into the blue hole. 

Feeling elevated? Take the hike to the Ganja Farm and view the vistas at the top. 

Tour includes private driver, admission, guided farm tour Roll Like a Rasta Demo and a stocked cooler. 

Dubbed "One of the Coolest Bars in the World". 


Made of driftwood and stilted on a sandbar a mile off-shore the only way to get there is by boat. This is one spot that should be on your Jamaica Travel Bucket List.


An hour and a half drive from Negril - come spend the afternoon soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea and sipping cocktails.  Make sure to bring some memorabilia to leave a little love of your own behind.  


Tour includes private driver from Negril Area Hotels (contact for pick-up from MoBay, Ochi, Kingston) and transportation, private boat, ice cold red stripe (enroute), stop at the Border for local catch of the day and some fresh bami. 

Best Buds - YS Falls, Pelican Bar

Rick' Cafe

Rick's Cafe 

Rasta Safari ATV 

Roaring River Caves

Rasta Safari ATV
Roaring River Caves

With live reggae daily, thrill seeking cliff diving and a front row seat to some of the world's most spectacular sunsets - Rick's Cafe is a Must Do for Any First Timers. 

Tour includes private driver from Negril Area Hotels (contact for pick-up from MoBay, Ochi, Kingston) and transport, ice cold red stripe, water and two hours to dive and dance the day away. 

Kick up some dirt on a one-of-a-kind ATV Countryside  - the #1 Trip Advisor ranked land attraction in Negril.  Travel with us to the community of Roaring River where you will adventure into the beautiful countryside on top notch Polaris ATVs for a 3 1/2 hour tour. 


Soak in the mineral springs, take in the sights of the natural beauty and chow on an authentic Jamaican Lunch. 


Includes private transportation, welcome drink, 2 hour guided ATV tour, an authentic jamaican lunch, red stripe, rum punch, water and a  gift. 


2 person minimum. 

Roll with us into the scenic countryside of Westmoreland to Roaring River for a an experience packed with history, adventure and healing for your soul and body.


Come explore the former slave plantation and caves. Learn about the rich history,  explore the cathedral like caves, swim in the bottomless natural pools (once explored by a set of divers who only made it down 850 feet) and relax your worries away mon with a mud scrub in the healing spring.  

Be sure to snap a pic in front of the 300 year old cotton tree. 


Incudes private transportation, cave admission, guided tour, access to pools and caverns, ice cold red stripe, rum punch, water & a gift.  

Cambelton Mountain
Black River Safari
YS Falls

YS Falls 

Black River safari

cambelton mountain 


Chill the day away at a location that truly has it all.  Cascading Waterfalls, Ziplining, Spring Water Pool, River Pools and Gardens.  

Zipline, explore and chill the day away in the private spring fed pools with your own cabana.  

A location that is a true

crowd-pleaser for all. 

Tour includes private driver from Negril Area Hotels (contact for pick-up from MoBay, Ochi, Kingston) and transportation, admission, ice cold red stripes & water.

Zipline and private cabana rental additional. 

Best Buds - Black River, Pelican Bar

Take a walk on the wild side and explore the exotic Black River by boat.


The hour-long safari tour takes you six miles up the river and back, incorporating the Lower Delta and the Great Morass. The Great Morass, a 125-square-mile mangrove swamp, extends inland from the mouth of the Black River. This wetland is a vital preserve for more than 100 bird species, fish, and crocodiles.


Your captain and tour guide will give a running commentary on both the ecology and history of the area.


The tour includes a private driver and transportation, a guided boat tour, ice-cold red stripes & water.


Best Buds - Pelican Bar, YS Falls

Ride and Fly High.  ATV through a preserved tropical forest to the summit of Cambelton Mountain. 


Take in the stunning panoramic views from the top where you will fly high on the thrilling 7-Mile Swing. 

You are sure to be heated up on this tour, so cool down in the mineral bath.


With unparalleled views and an adventure around every corner Cambelton takes you to new heights. 


Includes private transportation from Negril Area Hotels (contact for pick-up from MoBay, Ochi, Kingston), 2 hour guided ATV tour,7-Mile Swing, river access, coconut/bottled water & keepsake bandana face masks.

Lethe River Rafting
Rasta Hike
Zimbali Culinary

Rasta Hike

Zimbali Culinary experience

Lethe Village Rafting 

This Tour is on Fiiiiiyaaah! 


Escape into the luscious and tropical grounds of Zimbali Farms while you enjoy a moderate hike up to Rasta “Fiyah’s Camp”

Enjoy unobstructed views and immerse yourself into the Rastafarian Culture, the rich history and the abundance of natural bounty.  Drink from the spring, soak in the river and light one up by the open fire while Fiyah cooks up some stories and a one of a kind wood fire Ital lunch. 


Tour includes private driver from Negril Area Hotels (contact for pick-up from MoBay, Ochi, Kingston) and transport, welcome drink, guided tour/hike & an authentic wood fired Ital Lunch. 


Tour begins at 11:30 am. 

Travel with us up to Canaan Mountain to the #1 Farm to Table Cooking Studio in Jamaica.  

 Zimbali Retreats is nestled into the mountainside and is both a culinary and meditative paradise. 

Once you step foot onto their lush grounds you are transported into the bounty and blessings of mother nature - a true sensory experience.  

Food lovers will bask in their 5 course Farm-to-Table Dinner and Cooking Show, complete with a bottle of paired wine.


Tour includes private driver, welcome drink, guided farm tour, 5-course open air culinary experience & a paired bottle of wine (per couple).

Tour begins at 5pm. 

Once home to sugar cane and banana plantations, Lethe Village located on the bank of the Great River is filled with lush landscapes and peaceful vibes - the perfect landscape to float the day away!  

Board your 30ft bamboo raft polled by licensed captains while you take in the scenic views and soft sounds of reggae in this tranquil village. 

Feeling irie yet? Pamper yourself with a limestone foot massage. 

Tour includes private driver to Hanover, stocked cooler of ice cold Red Stripes, rum punch, water & private raft with guide.

Pump house 

Pump House

blue hole ochi

martha brae rafting

Blue Hole Ochi
Martha Brae

Escape with us into the beautiful natural paradise of the Pump House - a local hidden gem! 

A true oasis the Pump House offers a natural swimming pool, waterfalls and beautiful meditative grounds. 

Spend the day soaking your troubles away, hiking the beautiful grounds, feeding the fish and enjoying an authentic jamaican lunch.  

Tour includes private driver, stocked cooler of ice cold Red Stripes, rum punch, water & an authentic Jamaican lunch.



The journey is just as much fun as the destination on this full day tour. 


Travel with us to the North Coast of the Island to Ocho Rios. 


You'll know we're there when we see the Iconic Reggae Brownie Man - who is sure to get the party started before we tour a truly tropical Kush Farm.


Next, we will be ready to immerse ourselves in the truly hidden tropical paradise of the Blue Hole and Secret Falls. 

The tropical landscape, cascading waterfalls, multiple pools and daring jumps leave much to be explored. 

A private Authentic Jamaican lunch served pool side for you and your group make this experience a day you will never forget. 

Tour includes private driver to Ochi 3hrs 45 minutes from Negril. Ice Cold Red Stripe, Rum Punch, Water, Guided Kush Farm Tour, Admission to Blue Hole & Private Lunch.

There's a Natural Mystic Floating through the Air. 

Float the day away on the scenic Martha Brae - The #1 floating attraction in Jamaica. 

Start your journey at Rafter's Village, where you will board your 30ft bamboo raft polled by licensed captains.   

Sit back relax, swim and take in "The Legend of the Martha Brae"

Tour includes private driver to Trelawny 1hr 45 min ride from Negril, ice cold red stripes/water & private raft with guide.



Best Bud - Luminous Lagoon

Soon Come 

luminous lagoon

benta falls 

One of four bioluminescent bays in the world.  Said to be the largest and most brilliant of the four.


Take a night cruise on a boat through the mystical lagoon and swim in the natural mystically glistening water -  a true sensory experience.

Luminous Lagoon is located in   Trelawny where the Martha Brae River meets the Caribbean Sea.


Tour includes private driver to Trelawny 1hr 45min from Negril, ice cold red stripes/water and boat ride with guide.


Night cruises only.  

Best Bud - Martha Brae River Float 

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