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"Live for Yourself and You will Live in Vain. 

Live for Others and You will Live Again"


-Bob Marley 

Come Show a Little Love 


Add a Bless Up Visit on any of our Tours. 

Our Bless Up Visits will take you into the rural countryside of Jamaica where we will surprise local families, elderly, sick, animal clinics, pup rescues or local school children with Care Packages.  


Contact us to coordinate needed items for bringing your own care packages or add a $20 USD Blessing Bag to deliver on your tour. 

show a little love from afar

Not coming in person? We miss you!  

Show a little love from home with these charities that are showing a lot of love on the ground in Negril. 


Hope for Hunger.jpg
One love brigade.webp
negril spay and neuter.jpg
kriss kross.jpg
Pup Rescue .PNG
Mother's of Jamaica.jpg

Mother's of Jamaica 

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