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Whaa Gwaan! Ride High with us at Toke & Tour.


Jamaica’s Premier Cannabis Travel Agency specializing in providing bespoke cannabis experiences in the beautiful country of Jamaica.


From our Wake & Bake Tour to our Orange Hill Ganja Crawl – our cleverly and culturally curated tours are blazing trails for Canna Tourism in Jamaica.


At Toke & Tour, we are (s)toked about the growing interest in cannabis and the desire for travelers to explore the rich cultural and natural heritage of this beloved plant and it’s roots in Jamaica. Our team of local experts work diligently to ensure we stay on top of local farming trends, island happenings and the local cannabis scene to provide our guests with a five star fully immersive Jamaican Experience every time.


Our mission is to provide a unique and unforgettable journey for cannabis enthusiasts from around the world, while also promoting local businesses, legacy farmers and giving back to our communities.


Whether you are a cannabis connoisseur seeking to discover the finest Jamaican strains, a canna curious traveler interested in learning about the roots and history or are just looking to chill – we have the perfect itinerary for you.


Our tours are designed to showcase the vibrant cannabis scene in Jamaica, where you can visit local cannabis farms and learn about the cultivation techniques, harvesting and curing from the farmers themselves while you immerse yourself in the sensory experience of tasting and smelling different strains.


In addition to our cannabis-focused activities, we offer a range of cultural and recreational activities and private service to all Island Hot Spots. From the beautiful waterfalls, atv-ing in the lush countryside or visiting the island’s hidden gems, our itineraries provide a well-rounded experience that HIGH-lights the best of Jamaica. 

Ride High and let Toke & Tour be your guide to an unforgettable journey through Jamaica’s Cannabis Culture.

One Love, The Toke & Tour Team 


Bobby Six 

aka The General

Up top!


I am Bobby Six aka " The General" at Toke & Tour.


Born and raised in Revival District. I know the ins and the outs on this "side of the island"  

I bring the Irie Vibes to 

Toke & Tour



aka Bossy



I'm Danielle aka "Bossy" at Toke & Tour.  Born and raised in Chicago.


Jamaica has been a second home, since I was a little beach bum coming down with my parents.  

"My hope for you is to step out and see Jamaica like I have been fortunate to. To be open to the beauty and culture that surrounds you" 

I bring the Stylin' Vibes to 

Toke & Tour 

photo jan 22, 12 58 37 pm.png




aka Captain Cash

Whaa Gwaan!


I'm Odane aka "Captain Cash" The guiding force at Toke & Tour. 

Born and raised in  Fairmont.  I keep us on track and get us where we are going at Toke & Tour. 

I bring the Chill Vibes to

Toke & Tour 

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